Text Box: Services We Provide

We do not really provide any services as this is a hobby operated by an unincorporated association of members.  We will however share our knowledge with those who will benefit
But we know a lot of Vets and many specialize in Cats.  

Need a new Veterinarian or a referral for a second opinion?  Let us know.  The members of the Cat Fanciers Association are World Wide and are always willing to lend a hand when it comes to the Health, Well Being, Quality of Life and Happiness of these wonderful creatures.

We do however, assist in the transportation of feline service animals to and from veterinary clinics and training facilities along with their disabled, handicapped or older human.

We have also been known to provide or assist with home care of service animals.

We also help and assist in Animal Assisted Therapy Programs which involve cats.

Any services we provide are by appointment only and in cooperation with licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrist and clinical social workers.

Our service animals are a deductible medical expense.

Cattery SUTEKI is itself an Animal Assisted Therapy Program as protected and defined by the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973 and by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.